Who is Victoria Pierson?

Victoria was born in Broussard, Louisiana but the family soon moved Jackson, Mississippi where she spent most of her early childhood. At eight, her family moved to Texas where she has lived since.

Her earliest memories are of the golden glow in the mornings she spent with her mother. Being the youngest of five children, there was little personal time. In the quiet moments of the morning her mother, also an artist, would use Victoria as a model. Victoria was mesmerized that her mother could take a blank page and a pencil and create Victoria as a cartoon character.

In their neighborhood there was a lot of development and the two would take walks to collect pieces of discarded wood to use as canvases. Because her mother drew mostly cartoons at the time, Victoria’s first piece was of Catwoman (which she still has today).

From these seeds Victoria’s art grew, shaping her into the artist she is today.

One Thing About Victoria

Encaustic changed the way Victoria sees art. She was introduced to it through Pinterest where she stumbled across Alicia Tormey’s art. On seeing Tormey’s art she thought, “I HAVE to do this.” She researched Tormey and went to Seattle to take her class. Victoria has been painting encaustic since June 2016.

Why Encaustic?

“Encaustic takes me into the unknown on a sublime journey of freedom, touching here and there seemingly at random. I never know exactly what I’m going to get, yet I am amazed by the beautiful accidents that spread out before me when I step back.”.